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Why do we procrastinate?

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Keeping it Clean

October 10, 2017

Why do we procrastinate? 
Many of us, including myself, are guilty of the phrase ‘I’ll do it later’ or ‘leave it with me’ but do we actually act on this? Most of the time, probably not. Alot of people who I speak renewables with in different sectors, whether it be agricultural, waste/recycling industries, golf clubs or even local authorities, show initial interest due to the incentives available to them and their business, yet don’t act upon it.Of course people have their own business and lives to run, convincing themselves they don’t have time to read through the material sent, but if I asked them to meet me tomorrow at 3pm and they’d receive £1 million, I’m pretty sure they’d find that time and realistically it should be the same for renewables. So, this demonstrates we only procrastinate on things we either don’t feel are beneficial or don’t fully understand.

The incentives currently available for businesses are at times, unbelievable, but they are there for the opportunist. Along with generating your own power (electricity & heat), receiving Government backed payments for a fixed term of 20 years for sending electricity back to the grid, is just the cherry on the cake, so why wait?

Joshua Hough (Bsc hons)
CPSL Group

Author’s note

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