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CPSL Group

Our philosophy

We’ve taken the complex and made it simple. We’ve used existing technologies and turned them into whole energy solutions. Our grid connection solutions, our energy storage systems, the way we have harnessed power from hydrogen – simple solutions from the amazingly complex. Even looking at our more mainstream products like solar panels and wind turbines – we take the time to understand exactly what energy potential each customer’s assets have and develop the very best whole energy solution. All this means that people can make the most of smarter, renewable Energy. Without needing to understand the technology behind it all.

We make Solar PV Pay!

By 2013 solar Pv had grown dramatically to 14% of capacity and continues to grow. CPSL Group is positioned in the 50KW 5MW renewable energy market and expects solar PV electricity generation to be a major area of our operations up to 2020. Coupling solar PV with our EnergyManagement grid connection solutions offers the only customised solutions designed to fit the precise needs of a particular solar PV project.

Industry leading products

We have used our knowledge and experience to partner with the best in whatever we do and where the solution does not exist we have designed and developed our own hardware with patents pending.
Our key partners are:
Solar PV – Solar World /Risen Huawei/ ABB/     Wind Turbines – C&F green energy Windsearch/     Battery Storage – Aquion /       Grid Connection –  Elpower/   Energy Management design/ Victron / Cool Power/     Hydrogen – Heliocentris /      Bio-mass – JustSen

Unique storage solutions

CPSL EnergyManagement have researched, designed and applied for patents, for unique grid connection solutions. They are capable of handling the usual requirements of an inverter in creating the connection between renewable energy generation and the national grid but also manage the charging of a battery bank, supply a balanced flow of domestic or 3 phase power to the site, allow grid connection at G83/3 when energy flows peak, balance multiple phases, and control voltage rises, all as a whole energy solution.

Become a CPSL Partner

The CPSL Group is recruiting energy consultants to work in partnership with us to develop our products in designated irradiation areas.

Our Affiliates & Accreditations

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