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To find out more about CPSL group go to the “About Us” tab above.

CPSL Group already have an extensive knowledge of C&F Wind Turbines having been involved, in recent years, in the sale and installation of more than 50 of these Wind Turbines throughout the UK.

Our Repair and Maintenance work will be performed to the most exacting standards, offering you:

  •  Warranty continuance by using the authorised provider
  •  Fully C&F factory trained and approved technicians
  •  CPSL Group will cover both electrical and mechanical repairs and maintenance
  •  You will receive reliable and efficient on-site support from the CPSL team
  • A dedicated telephone contact point at CPSL Group for all your requirements.
  • Replacement parts are all genuine and warranted C&F parts
  • CPSL group Warranty all their repair and maintenance work

Contact us today on: 01704 821419 or 01704 841861

e-mail: if your Wind Turbine is in need of repair or maintenance work and we will set it up immediately or contact us if you simply need advice and guidance.

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