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EnergyGeneration Solutions

EnergyGeneration is the division of the business that deals with clean energy production. It has supplied and managed the installation of solar power and wind turbines for medium-scale agricultural and commercial projects throughout the UK; recently it has developed an offer for small-medium hydro power projects in remote locations where suitable fast running or falling water is available.

EnergyGeneration Solutions

EnergyGeneration offers to the agricultural and commercial sectors the very best in renewable energy generation technology, all projects are installed by our own CPSL Install & Service or our manufacturing partners teams – no sub-contracting – and are covered by extensive warranties, service and maintenance packs

A whole energy solution

CPSL Group share information in relation to site design and project management to bring together a whole energy solution for the generation of renewable energy, its storage and management to ensure the optimum and most cost effective project is proposed to the client in terms of meeting electrical, national grid connection, heating and even vehicle demands.

EnergyGeneration services

  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Optimizing
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Aftercare

Become a CPSL Partner

The CPSL Group is recruiting Energy consultants to work in partnership with us to develop our products in designated irradiation areas.

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