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CPSL Group

What do we do?

CPSL Group powered by MeasureMyEnergy is an all-encompassing energy monitoring solution for businesses of all sizes from SME’s to Global corporations. We can measure any utility usage which is then immediately displayed on the intuitive energy analytics platform, giving you realtime readings of your energy activity.
Data is knowledge and we are obsessed with data. The platform enables you to drill down and look at specific circuits or appliances and compare historic periods. Having insight into this information allows businesses to optimise energy use and make dramatic savings.

A Gem of an idea

CPSL Group powered by MeasureMyEnergy cloud based Global Energy Management (GEM) platform is the only tool you will need to manage your energy and utilities. It’s truly global; available in 33 languages and in all the principal currencies. It moves through time zones with you.
Watch the water flow in the Sydney office from your plant room in London! Turn on the lights, just seconds later the data is available alongside the cost and carbon impact.

Optimised for you

Designed to be used on PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones you can free yourself from the desk and go where the problem is. As an example; work in the plant room with the Air Handling Unit whilst simultaneously watching the performance on your iPad.
But the real power is that it’s not just you! Ideal for creating a culture of knowledge and behavioural change, empower your staff with easy-to-use tools that show them exactly when and where energy is being consumed, enabling them to make positive change.

Free site energy evaluation & audit

To sign up to your free energy site evaluation and audit, contact us by phone on: 01704 821419 or 01704 841861

The Result

Our customers have proven the benefits of the MeasureMyEnergy technology both in direct cost reductions, by tracking and monitoring energy activity, as well as indirect cost savings associated with proactive maintenance of their equipment, whilst improving overall business performance and employee engagement.
Alongside MeasureMyEnergy, we have helped thousands of companies across nearly every sector, from single sites to large multi-sites, in all corners of the world. Whether you are in retail, leisure and hospitality, manufacturing, food storage and distribution centres, educational and public sector establishments, office buildings, facilities management or any other industry, we have the solution.

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