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CPSL Group

The CPSL Divisions

The CPSL Group Brand family consists of five child brands, all of which have their part to play in our comprehensive holistic solutions.

  • How we work

    We’ve taken  the complex and made it simple. We’ve used existing technologies and turned them into every day power solutions. Our grid connection technology. our energy storage system, the way we have harnessed power from hydrogen – simple solutions from the amazingly complex.

    Even looking at our more mainstream products like solar panels and wind turbines – we take the time to understand exactly what energy potential each customer’s assets have and develop the very best solution.

    All this means that people can make the most of smarter, sustainable energy. Without needing to understand the technology behind it all.

  • CPSL EnergyGeneration is the side of the business that deals with clean energy production. It specialises in solar power, wind turbine and hydro Power products.

  • CPSL EnergyManagement is the division of the CPSL Group that specialises in the bespoke design and provision of energy storage solutions, grid connection systems and smart grids.

  • CPSL BioPower specialise in biomass boilers, ground source heat, air course heat and carbon reduced heat source solutions.

  • CPSL Install & Service is the division of CPSL Group that manages all after care for our products. It handles installation, maintenance, warranties and upgrading.

  • CPSL FinancialServices is the division of the CPSL Group that provides for customers, investing in our systems, funding search, advice and support from a range of financial products.

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