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  • Grid Connection Solutions

    Our solution allows connection to the grid for all sizes of renewable energy production. This is the best method of larger scale grid connection in grid constrained areas. Our solutions include state of the art battery storage and bi-directional inverters.

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  • Battery Storage

    Our battery storage systems enable electricity generated to be stored and matched to the users electricity needs, significantly reducing wastage. This is a proven technology and our batteries are constantly increasing in performance and environmental capabilities. A CPSL battery storage system is a low cost, easily installed, efficient electricity storage solution.

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About grid connection & battery storage solutions

CPSL Group are the UK leaders in providing the ability to optimise renewable energy usage by managing the national grid connection even in grid constrained areas using its unique energy management technology and processes supported by the best battery storage systems.

The optimum method of larger scale grid connection in grid constrained areas.

The optimum Method of Larger Scale Grid Connection in Grid Constrained Areas.

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