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Why hydrogen?

  • Hydrogen Storage and Fuelling

    Hydrogen storage delivers cost effective large scale storage of renewable energy production. Energy can be stored as hydrogen and converted back to electricity when required using a fuel cell. Our hydrogen storage systems can help you avoid the requirement for large battery storage banks. Our hydrogen is green as the system derives it from rain water. Hydrogen storage optimises surplus renewable energy usage, including the fuelling of converted vehicles. Ultra low emissions allow hydrogen fuelled vehicles to avoid congestion charges and minimise road tax. We have an award winning test site that is currently operating to determine the exact data and processes for hydrogen storage and vehicle fuelling.

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About hydrogen storage solutions

Hydrogen generation is a solution for the relatively large scale renewable energy producer. It can be used to fuel vehicles as well as heating and energy uses. For the right scale of renewable energy project the initial cost of a hydrogen system will payback in a viable period.

Carbon free – ultra low emissions

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