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Our solar PV range

  • CPSL Group Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Point

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  • Solar PV

    This is the route into the renewable energy sector with the lowest initial expenditure. It's a proven technology with guaranteed returns and warranties of between 12 - 25 years. Solar Pv is often the starting point for a renewable energy system that will optimise your renewable energy capabilities and move you away from the national grid dependency. Our Off - site monitoring systems will ensure we scope and deliver the optimum solar PV solution for your needs.

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About solar PV

Solar PV is now a fully tried, tested and dependable source of renewable energy providing a quick and straightforward route in to renewable energy generation optimised by CPSL with their grid connection and energy storage solutions.

Remote full site monitoring providing real-time performance analysis  

As well as powering my farm the energy helps run a log burning bio- boiler.

About CPSL Group Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Point

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Point is supplied and fully installed by CPSL Group. It provides simple and easy charging for electric Vehicles from an easily accessible charging point connected to an SPV installation. Designed for safety, fitted with technology that guards against the danger of an electric shock with a Built in Type A Residual Circuit Breaker – overload and fault protection – meets IEC 61851-1-2010.

Our Electric Vehicle Charging Point

The CPSL Group Electric Vehicles (EV) Charging Point is offered with all our Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) Panels installations and can be retro-fitted to existing SPV installations. The dedicated EV charging point is a robust, weather proof and lockable, wall box that can be easily located at a property.

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