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Wind Calculator

Answer these 4 simple questions to enable us to give you an estimated like-for-like comparison

Please note. All of our estimates are inclusive of installation fees.

1. What is the postcode of your property?

2. What is your email address?

3. What is your annual energy usage in kW? (This can be found on any bill you have received from your energy supplier)

4. What is your current spend per annum in pounds? (Again this can be found on a recent bill from your energy supplier)

These estimates are calculated as an indicator of the level of expenditure necessary to meet your Renewable Energy needs based on the data you have provided.

If you wish to take this further with us, we next perform a thorough Evaluation & Audit of your energy usage, wastage and requirements by telephone or a site visit depending on the size and complexity of your project. When this stage is complete we will provide an accurate quotation and installation schedule.

An average windspeed of 5m/s has been used to create this estimate

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